*   Mediterranean Diet   *

The Mediterranean diet forms part of a healthful way of life that has a growing number of followers around the world.

And that should come as no surprise, because its proven internal benefits are accompanied by external benefits also: it is easy to see who takes care of themselves and who doesn’t, both in the ease with which they deal with everyday challenges, and their physical appearance, smiling and optimistic.

That is why, conscious of that high level of demand, we have constructed the Lizarran menu, based on absolute respect for the values of the Mediterranean diet, values which are characterized by its fundamental bases: wine, bread and olive oil.
  • According to law, wine is defined as "a natural element obtained exclusively through the alcoholic fermentation, either total or partial, of fresh grapes, pressed or not, or from grape must". And in Spain we know all about what to do with grapes; it is not for nothing that we are the third largest producer nation, with a total cultivated area of more than one million hectares.

  • When one enters the world of wine, one encounters an impassioned world: white wines, red wines, rosé, sweet wines, full-bodied, aromatic, sparkling and semi-sparkling... These are just some of the categories of a single product capable of presenting itself in a thousand different ways. And so it is not strange to find more and more people becoming interested in the secrets of wine tasting and oenology: very rarely is something so healthy also so enjoyable.

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