Lizarran Cambrils celebrates ten years as a franchise by renewing its commitment to the brand for another ten years

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Lizarran manages to combine in a profitable way traditional and modern restaurant values. The secret lies in rationalizing, professionalizing and simplifying something which is as deeply-rooted as the tapas bar.
The Lizarran franchise, tapas, tapas and much more, is the undisputed leader of the tapas bar sector and the rich gastronomy of the north. The group is celebrating the renewal of the franchise of one of its most charismatic establishments, in the Catalan town of Cambrils. Francisco Domingo Urbaneja and Albert Camps Llaurado decided to become franchisees although they had no previous experience in the restaurant business. "It was a very clear decision ten years ago. We were impressed by the business concept as soon as we encountered it at the franchise fair in Barcelona. We were fascinated by their stand and how enjoyable and engaging it was when they invited us to try a Basque wine and a tapas. In that moment, we saw what we had to do. Later, we realized that it was a different kind of business, ideal for everyone and with a very welcoming way of transmitting itself and marketing", the two partners explained.

It was difficult at first, just as it is with any business that starts from zero, but the help provided by the central office was very important. "It was a continuous learning process lasting several months but we must mention the support and infrastructure of the brand, including human management support. Today, I realize that the immediacy of the teaching with us meant that we were able to overcome any obstacle", says Francisco Domingo, who also prides himself on the fare they produce in their kitchen: "Our customers have been very loyal to a series of classic tapas. It is true that over the years through the teaching and our own experience we have worked to make popular countless new cold and hot tapas, and that has pleased our customers."

Today, the franchisees are looking towards the future, hopeful of continuing with a project the future of which they have mapped out clearly: "Now all we want is to grow and follow in the footsteps of so many other fellow entrepreneurs who work with Lizarran or with other brands. This renewal has led us to look back over the last ten years and to weigh up the good, the not so good and the bad, and to nurture new hopes", Albert Camps explained.

Lizarran has managed to position itself as a pioneer in the restaurant concept, combining the benefits of modern gastronomy with traditional quality, while at the same time transforming itself into an exporter to the rest of the world of the tapas culture. This Spanish company has opted for the values of the Mediterranean diet within the context of the world of fast food. All of its traditional tapas and dishes are made using Spanish products protected by the designation of origin system. The wide variety of select tapas in the bars of all the establishments and the atmosphere created in each restaurant enable diners to enjoy a pleasant lunch or dinner, savoring a selection of tapas that the customer chooses according to their own tastes, and which in many cases are served instead of the traditional first or second dish.
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